Our Promise

The Stillwater Secret Sauce is our promise to make the design and construction of your dream home:



  • EASY: We know how to make the design-build process clear and easy to understand. From the first conversation, you’ll notice the difference working with us. Plus, our 3D capabilities will blow your mind, and make it so easy to see and understand the design of your home.


  • PERSONAL: We will always be responsive and focused on your project from start to finish. Each and every home is personal for us. That’s just how we roll.


  • ENJOYABLE: Building your dream home should be a fun experience – not a stressful one. We do everything we can to make it easy, fun and enjoyable. It’s how we stay successful.


  • BEAUTIFUL: Our one-of-a-kind process is how we discover and create your unique dream home. Using our 3D services, we’ll ensure everything looks exactly the way you want it – beautiful and exquisite, both inside and out.


  • TIMELY: The success of our process lies in adhering to your budget and sticking to our schedule. We wrote a book on being on time and on budget. Literally. Check out our Custom Home Guide.


“Brandon loves what he does and is a joy to work with. We always looked forward to our meetings.”

Our Services


Architectural Design

We start with an idea and design a custom home that fits within your function, design and cost parameters while matching your lifestyle. Our 3D visualization services and designing techniques will bring your ideas to life, and we will define high-level specifications for your home and your home plans take shape. Working closely with you and the architect in the early stages of design allow us to carefully manage budget and control costs.

Interior Design

With mood boards, renderings, and 3D visualization tools, we will take you on a virtual, inspirational tour and show you how different colors, cabinetry, flooring, countertops, fixtures, and other important details will blend together to create your unique home. We bring it all together during the selections process without all the stress, and by being able to see what your home will look like through 3D design, we can make important decisions that will save time and money.

Budget & Schedule

The advantages of our 3D design software extend beyond creating a design that meets your every expectation. Seeing your home and design selections in 3D gives you confidence about your decisions in advance, and allows us to get an early jump on estimating and ensuring that the design is aligning with your budget. This advantage, along with our long-term supplier and vendor relationships, our historical cost data and our detailed estimating software, allow us to provide detailed and accurate budgets. And by integrating the budgeting process with scheduling, we keep each phase of your home’s construction tight and efficient, providing further cost efficiencies.

Project Management

With the design completed and the preliminary work done, we get to work! You have access to the construction schedule and will be informed during the entire construction process. Our team of experienced professionals is with you every step of the way to ensure that your dream home comes together beautifully and is staying on schedule and on budget.

“Brandon Eich built the house of our dreams in record time. We can highly recommend him as a quality builder of upscale homes. His ability to understand and design what the customer wants is second to none.”

Our Commitment

The Stillwater Group will provide you with consistent, proactive communication, clearly defined specifications, highly-detailed estimates, construction schedules and timelines – everything it takes to keep you informed and at ease about your home construction. We are committed to your complete satisfaction, and we put our in-depth planning, designing, budgeting and project management processes to work for you from our initial meeting to your move in day. Welcome home!